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IMG_3017Quddús, Letter of the Living
Born: 1822
Death: May 16, 1849
Place of Birth: Barfarush (Babul)
Location of Death: Barfarush (Babul)
Burial Location: No Cemetery Details


Quddús (the Most Holy), title given to Mullá Muhammad-‘Alí Bárfurúshí.

He was immortalized by the Báb as “Ismu’llahi’l-Akhir (the Last Name of God)” and on whom Bahá’u’lláh “later conferred the sublime appellation of Nuqtiy-i-Ukhra (the Last Point)” and elevated him in another Tablet to “a rank second to none except that of the Herald of His Revelation”. He was designated by ‘Abdu’l-Baha as the “Moon of Guidance” and his “appearance the Revelation of St. John the Divine anticipated as one of the two ‘Witnesses’ into whom, ere the ‘second woe is past,’ the ‘spirit of life from God’ must enter.”[1]

Quddús accompanied the Báb on His pilgrimage to Mecca (1844–45). He was present at Badasht and subsequently arrested and detained in Sárí for more than three months. He was released through the efforts of Mullá Husayn, and then joined the Bábí forces at Shaykh Tabarsí in late 1848.

Quddús played a leading role in the Bábí defense and was taken prisoner on May 10, 1849, following the final siege at Shaykh Tabarsí, tortured, and then killed on May 16, 1849 in Barfurush (Babul), the town of his birth.[2]

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