F Stories

Nuri’d-Din Fath-Azam

Nuri’d-Din Fath-Azam Born: 1895 Death: August 26, 1952 Place of Birth: Ardistan, Iran Location of Death: Tehran, Iran Burial Location: Golestan-e-Javid (Eternal Garden) Bahá’í Cemetery in Tehran, Iran – destroyed in the 1980s   Nuri’d-Din Fath-‘Azam’s parents were from familieswell

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Shaykh Hasan-i-Zunúzí

Shaykh Hasan recognized in the Báb all those attributes his master had predicted, and he became His devoted disciple, travelling far and wide to be close to the newest Manifestation of God on earth. When

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The contest was still raging when Hujjat was moved to address his written message to Násiri'd-Dín Sháh. No sooner had the messenger who was carrying those petitions to Tihrán set out on his way

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D Stories

Siyyid Yahya-i-Darabi (Vahid)

On my arrival I found that Husayn Khan, who in the meantime had been searching for me, was eager to know whether I had fallen a victim to the Bab's magic influence. `No one

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S Stories

Sisan Suda

Sisan was one of the truest Baha'is I have ever known, dragged into the faith by his wife. But once there he excelled at mirroring the values and beliefs we all struggle to know.

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B Stories

Ella Martha Bailey

The prayerful decision was that it would be a pity for Ella Bailey to forego the opportunity of witnessing the dedication of the Temple which had gloriously risen on the spot she had seen

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C Stories

Dr. Stanwood Cobb

It was during his lectures in the barn that he first spoke of `Abdu'l-Bahá, whom he had met on five occasions: twice in Akká in 1909 and 1910, later in Boston (1912), then in

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S Stories

Darius K. Shahrokh

Dr. Darius Shahrokh was a retired physician-surgeon. He was a member of Rochester's first Local Spiritual Assembly in April 1960. He recorded deepening talks. He was well known for his five-year project to record

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S Stories

Johanna (Christensen) Schubarth

"Johanna Schubarth, by virtue of her sacrificial services to the Faith over such a long period of time, has attained a very high station. She is the mother of the Norwegian Baha’i Community, and

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