Mullá Husayn Bushrú’í

He cheered and strengthened the disconsolate disciples of his beloved chief

Bahji Blue DoorMullá Husayn Bushrú’í, Letter of the Living
Born: 1814
Death: February 2, 1849
Place of Birth: Unknown
Location of Death: Shaykh Tabarsí
Burial Location: No Cemetery details

The death of Siyyid Kazim was the signal for renewed activity on the part of his enemies. Athirst for leadership, and emboldened by his removal and the consequent dis may of his followers, they reasserted their claims and prepared to realize their ambitions. For a time, fear and anxiety filled the hearts of Siyyid faithful disciples, but with the return of Mulla Husayn Bushrú’í from the highly successful mission with which he had been entrusted by his teacher, their gloom was dispelled.[1]

the-life-of-the-bab-17-728It was on the first day of Muharram, in the year 1260 A.H., that Mulla Husayn came back to Karbila. He cheered and strengthened the disconsolate disciples of his beloved chief, reminded them of his unfailing promise, and pleaded for unrelaxing vigilance and unremitting effort in their search for the concealed Beloved. Living in the close neighbourhood of the house the Siyyid had occupied, he, for three days, was engaged continually in receiving visits from a considerable number of mourners who hastened to convey to him, as the leading representative of the Siyyid’s disciples, the expression of their distress and sorrow. He afterwards summoned a group of his most distinguished and trusted fellow disciples and enquired about the expressed wishes and the last exhortations of their departed leader. They told him that, repeatedly and emphatically, Siyyid had bidden them quit their homes, scatter far and wide, purge their hearts from every idle desire, and dedicate themselves to the quest of Him to whose advent he had so often alluded. “He told us,” they said, “that the Object of our quest was now the sincerity and serene confidence to which the countenance of Mulla Husayn so admirably testified. He sent immediately for some of the works written by Shaykh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim, and began to question Mulla Husayn regarding those passages which had excited his disapproval and surprise. To each reference the messenger replied with characteristic vigour, with masterly knowledge and befitting modesty.

Mullá Husayn Bushrú’í was the first to declare his belief in the Báb in Shiraz on May, 23 1844. He was given the title Bábu’l-Báb which means ‘Gate of the Gate’ by the Báb; original leader of a group of Bábís attacked near Babul (Barfurush) in northern Iran in October 1848 and later besieged at the nearby shrine of Shaykh Tabarsí until May 1849.

He was killed in Shaykh Tabarsi on February 2, 1849.[2]

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