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We simply want to provide direct access to the heroes and heroines who have recognized and served the Bahá’í Faith and mankind. Our hope in sharing these stories is to offer enlightenment, respect and a wholehearted appreciation for the Gift.

Shaykh Abu Turab Stories T

Shaykh Abu Turab

According to Samandar from the footnotes of the Dawnbreakers, Shaykh Abu-Turab was a native of Ishhtihad, and ranked among the leading disciples of Siyyid Kazim. He married the sister of Mulla Husayn. Shaykh Abu-Turab

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Bibi Kuchak (Varaqatu’l-Firdaws) K Stories

Bibi Kuchak (Varaqatu’l-Firdaws)

Varaqatu’l-Firdaws was intimately associated while in Karbila with Tahirih. She accompanied her to Iran, and after a brief stay in Qazvin and Tehran, she went to Khorasan and stayed in Mashhad.

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Robert Quigley Q Stories

Robert Quigley

Robert was born into a Roman Catholic family in 1912. He was introduced to the Faith by Philip Sprague in New York when he was 19 and was elected to the Local Spiritual Assembly of New

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Robert Gulick Jr. G Stories

Robert Gulick Jr.

On May 22, at exactly the same moment when in 1844 the Báb had declared Himself to His first disciple, Robert was in the Holy House, praying at the threshold of the Declaration chamber.

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Tahirih Siyavushi S Stories

Tahirih Siyavushi

When the prison authorities brought the Baha'i prisoners together in February, Tahirih saw her husband for the first time since their arrest. He had been so badly beaten that she could barely recognize him.

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Horace Hotchkiss Holley H Stories

Horace Hotchkiss Holley

Horace Hotchkiss Holley Born: April 7, 1887 Death: July 12, 1960 Place of Birth: Torrington, Connecticut Location of Death: Haifa, Israel Burial Location: Baha’i Cemetery, Haifa, Israel His family was well-to-do and his forebears included congregationalist ministers and noted

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Arthur Pillsbury Dodge D Stories

Arthur Pillsbury Dodge

Having abandoned his dream of publishing a national magazine, Dodge pursued his inventions and established his own Kinetic Power Company.

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Amoz Everett Gibson G Stories

Amoz Everett Gibson

William Gibson had trained for the ministry at Howard University in Washington, had become a Christian Science healer, still searching, was attending spiritualist meetings when he was directed to a Bahá'í gathering which was

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