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We simply want to provide direct access to the heroes and heroines who have recognized and served the Bahá’í Faith and mankind. Our hope in sharing these stories is to offer enlightenment, respect and a wholehearted appreciation for the Gift.

F Stories

Sarah Jane Farmer

It was Sarah whose inspiration drew people to Green Acre from many parts of the world. All people, all religions were welcome and are still welcome today.


Shaykh Ismail

He received a long poem of which 127 of 2000 verses were preserved


Mirza Aqay-i-Rikab-Saz

He was an early martyr of the Faith, was the recipient of the Tablet of the Verse of Light, as he had requested that Bahá'u'lláh interpret the isolated letters...

Stories Today

Baha’i Chronicles Launched

March 21, 2015
Baha’i Chronicles launches its website. Sharing stories of all the Baha’i Heroes and Heroines of the past and present from all over the world.