Joan Browne Giddings

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Joan Browne Giddings
Born: Unknown
Death: 1978
Place of Birth: Unknown
Location of Death: Canterbury
Burial Location: Unknown

Joan Giddings accepted the Faith in Bradford in 1938. She pioneered first to Cardiff and later to York and Canterbury, and was active on Assemblies and on National Committees throughout her Bahá’í life. She passed away in Canterbury in 1978. [1]

The first LSA of Canterbury formed in 1961. Back row L to R: Henry Backwell, Brian Giddings, Walter Wilkins, Arthur Weinberg. Front Row L to R: Gladia Barron, Parvin Furutan, Joan Giddings, Gladys Backwell, Zoha Adl.

In 1948 the first local spiritual assembly of Cardiff was formed.[2]

There is a director listing in the British Isles where Baha’is reside and Joan Giddings lived at 43 Plasturton Avenue in Canton, Cardif, Wales. [3]






The following letter dated January 29, 1947 was written by Shoghi Effendi.



Ruhaniyyih Ruth Moffett shares  They had dinner and Ruth gave a lecture in the home of Joan Giddings who is pioneering from England in Cardiff. She has a lovely enthusiastic, sincere spirit and is eager to form an Assembly in this difficult spot. Cardiff is one of the most important ports in the United Kingdom with about ten miles of docks and quays, and outlet for the vast mineral wealth of that region. Cardiff has a population of well over two hundred thousand, with much smoke and heavy fog. The University College of South Wales is located here. Aileen and Ruth did what they could to help Joan in the two days that they could be there, then took the train back to Bristol, Where Aileen left Ruth, who went alone to…..[4]



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