Author - Bahá'í Chronicles

We simply want to provide direct access to the heroes and heroines who have recognized and served the Bahá’í Faith and mankind. Our hope in sharing these stories is to offer enlightenment, respect and a wholehearted appreciation for the Gift.

M Stories

Florence Eleanor Reed Morton

In a dream one night, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s face appeared to her in a blinding light. Florence later recalled, “The results of that dream must have been imprinted on...

B Stories

Moro Baruk

It was Paule who travelled to New Jersey from Quebec and introduced me to the Faith as we fell in love with one another. Paule was originally French Catholic...

B Stories

Stanley P. Bolton

Australian Stanley P. Bolton was the first Bahá'í to arrive in Tonga — he arrived on January 25, 1954.

A Stories

Robert Sengstacke Abbott

Robert Sengstacke Abbott was an African American lawyer, newspaper publisher, and an early adherent of the Bahá’í religion in the United States.  Abbott is the...

H Stories

Robert Hayden

Hayden was born Asa Bundy Sheffey. His parents were Ruth and Asa Sheffey, who separated before his birth, whereupon he was raised by a foster family that lived...

P Stories

Agnes Royall Parsons

The only child of General and Mrs. Royal, Mrs. Parsons was born into and lived in what at that time was considered a beautifully sheltered world. Until middle...

I Stories

Siyyid Isma’il

Siyyid Isma`ils writings are among the best known in the modern Shi`ism and the most important among them are: Hisnul-Hasin dar Sharh Baladul-Amin, a...