Dorothy Champ

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Dorothy Champ
Born: February 23, 1893
Death: November 28, 1979
Place of Birth: Loudoun County, Virginia
Location of Death: East Providence, Rhode Island
Burial Location: Unknown

Dorothy Champ was a s Broadway actress. She gave the first World Religion Day talk in Syracuse. [1]

Ms. Dorothy Champ became a Bahá’í in 1919 and went on to become a great teacher of the Faith. She had been a designer, singer, model and dancer. She was so inspired by the Faith that she had given up her career to teach. Ms. Champ was the first black person elected to the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of New York City. [2]

From 1926 to 1929 Dorothy Champ, assisted by Keith Ransom- Kehler held very successful fireside meetings in Dorothy’s home in Harlem. This was one of the first inter-racial groups in the city.[3]

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