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Edris Roushan Rice-Wray R Stories

Edris Roushan Rice-Wray

Dr. Rice-Way headed a large scale, clinical trial of the first birth control pill in the late 1950s in Puerto Rico. She was one of the early followers of the Baháʼí Faith in Mexico and her step

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Ethel Rosenberg R Stories

Ethel Rosenberg

Ethel Rosenberg was the first English person to accept the Bahá'í Faith in 1899. She spent her early childhood there and came to London to study art under Legros at the Slade School. The

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Maria Bertha Reiser Ioas I Stories

Maria Bertha Reiser Ioas

Maria Bertha Reiser Ioas Born: December 6, 1865 Death: May 25, 1953 Place of Birth: Passau, Germany Location of Death: Oak Park, Illinois Burial Location: Mount Auburn Memorial Park, Stickney, Illinois “Share grief (at) passing (of) esteemed veteran (of)

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Mary Basil Blomfield Hall H Stories

Mary Basil Blomfield Hall

The struggle for suffrage for women and amongst the early British Bahá'ís Women’s suffrage was an important issue. The best known from the Bahá’í point of view of the suffragists was Lady Sarah Blomfield.

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