Tuba Za’irpour

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Tuba Za’irpourTuba Za’irpour, one of the Ten Female Martyrs hanged in 1983
Born: 1927
Death: March 12, 1983
Place of Birth: Unknown
Location of Death: Shiraz, Iran
Burial Location: Golestan-e-Javid (Eternal Garden)  Bahá’í Cemetery in Tehran, Iran – destroyed in the 1980s


There is one more woman who should be mentioned for her heroism –Mrs. Tuba Za’irpour, who was martyred with Mona’s father on March 12, 1983. Mrs. Za’irpour was 56 years old and was highly educated with a degree in Persian literature. She had been in charge of the Bahá’í classes in Shiraz in which the students studied the Bahá’í writings, comparative religion and Arabic. She was also one of the teachers.

While in prison, Mrs. Za’irpour shared her knowledge of the Faith with others. She had a strong influence on one Muslim woman, who later told the Bahá’ís how much she had respected Mrs. Za’irpour. During her imprisonment, Mrs. Za’irpour was tortured very badly by the prison authorities and was bastinadoed on three successive days. Her feet were so damaged that she could not walk and asked the guards to allow her to crawl, but they refused her request, causing her to walk in great pain. One of the Muslim women who was a cell mate told the Bahá’ís that even though Mrs. Za’irpour was so weak that her hands shook and she could barely comb her hair, she never once complained.

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