Shirin Dalvand

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Shirin Dalvand Shirin Dalvand, one of the Ten Female Martyrs hanged in 1983
Born: 1958
Death: June 18, 1983
Place of Birth: Shiraz, Iran
Location of Death: Shiraz, Iran
Burial Location: Golestan-e-Javid (Eternal Garden)  Bahá’í Cemetery in Tehran, Iran – destroyed in the 1980s


Shirin Dalvand was 25 years old, with a graduate degree in sociology from the University of Shiraz. She was such an exceptional student in school that some of the professors would quote from her thesis even though they knew she was a Bahá’í. Shirin loved flowers and would always keep a single flower or a green leaf in her room. She also loved the ocean and would visit the beach as often as possible.

Shirin had insisted on remaining in Shiraz even though her family lived in England and she could easily have left the country. She chose to remain and live with her grandparents in order to continue serving the community. Although Shirin was basically shy and sensitive, her whole character changed when she was under interrogation. When she was once asked how long she would resist recanting the Faith, she said,

“Even to death! I hope that God’s mercy will enable me to remain steadfast up to the last breath of my life.”

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