Roya Ishraqi

3963 ‎مشاهدات

Ruya IshraqiRoya Ishraqi, one of the Ten Female Martyrs hanged in 1983
Born: 1960
Death: June 18, 1983
Place of Birth: Shiraz, Iran
Location of Death: Shiraz, Iran
Burial Location: No cemetery details


Izzat Ishraqi‘s daughter, Roya, who had been studying veterinary medicine, was one of the most radiant Bahá’í youth in Shiraz. At 23, she was one of the most beloved of the prisoners and was the center of attention and activity. Roya was very active in her life and loved sports such as mountain climbing. Her sister, Rosita, became engaged the same day that her father was killed. When Rosita told her mother and sister about her father’s death two days later, her sister said “Thank God!” and her mother calmly said, “I knew, I knew, I knew .”

Editor’s Note:
One of Roya’s family member Rozita Eshragi wrote a letter about Roya, her mother and father. You can read that letter in its’ entirety here.

“The Story of Mona” Perry, Mark


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