‘Izzat Ishraqi

3628 ‎مشاهدات

Izzat Ishraqi‘Izzat Ishraqi, one of the Ten Female Martyrs Hanged in 1983

Born: 1933
Death: June 18, 1983
Place of Birth: Unknown
Location of Death: Shiraz, Iran
Burial Location: Golestan-e-Javid (Eternal Garden)  Bahá’í Cemetery in Tehran, Iran – destroyed in the 1980s


‘Izzat Ishraqi among her fellow martyrs were each was a heroine. The Ishraqi’s, for example, were arrested earlier and released, but they refused to leave Shiraz. They remained to help the Bahá’í community. During one of Mrs. Ishraqi’s interrogations, during which she was blindfolded and having a difficult time walking, the interrogator taunted her, saying,

“Are you so blind that you cannot walk.” She replied, “I am outwardly blind, but you are inwardly blind.”


“The Story of Mona” adressformona.org: Perry, Mark

Closed Doors; Hanged for Teaching “Sunday School”

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