Haji ‘Abdu’l-Vahhab

"I beseech you," he tearfully entreated Mulla Ali, "to allow me to accompany you on your journey. Perplexities oppress my heart; I pray you to guide my steps in the way of Truth. Last

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Ali Muhammad Varqá

When we look at Dr. Varqá's family history, another lesson emerges. Strong believers produce strong believers. While this is not a universal rule, we can see that the same qualities that existed in his

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Valiyu’llah Varqa

During my stay in Miyanduab, the late Siyyid Assadu'llah Qumi visited there and was a guest of my uncle. Feeling that I was extremely anxious to visit the Holy Shrines and the Center of

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Mírzá Muhammad-i-Vakíl

He was a princely individual known for his lavish openhandedness not only in Persia and Iraq but as far away as India. To begin with he had been a Persian vazír; but when he

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