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Eleanor Moon Soo Fouts

Soo as she likes to be called was born and raised in Hawai’i of Korean ancestry. She attended Bahá’í children’s classes and became a Bahá’í youth at at the age of seventeen.

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F Stories

Mashhadí Faṭṭáḥ

Mashhadí Faṭṭáḥ possessed some merchandise; this was all he owned in the world. He had entrusted it to persons in Adrianople, and later on those unrighteous people did away with the goods.

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Áqá Faraj

Áqá Faraj and Abu’l-Qásim, who had gone into hiding, then hurried away to Adrianople, to fall, ultimately, with the others and with their Well-Beloved, into the ‘Akká prison.

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Saichiro Fujita

Saichiro Fujita is the first Japanese to become a Baha'i. He studied electrical engineering and horticulture before he moved to the Holy Land to serve 'Abdu'l-Baha.

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Nellie Stevison French

In a loving atmosphere she communed with the members of the Holy Family; she prayed at the Shrine in the ineffable presence of the Center of the Covenant, the "Cord stretched betwixt the earth

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Nuri’d-Din Fath-Azam

Nuri’d-Din Fath-Azam Born: 1895 Death: August 26, 1952 Place of Birth: Ardistan, Iran Location of Death: Tehran, Iran Burial Location: Golestan-e-Javid (Eternal Garden) Bahá’í Cemetery in Tehran, Iran – destroyed in the 1980s   Nuri’d-Din Fath-‘Azam’s parents were from familieswell

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John Ferraby

John Ferraby Born: January 9, 1914 Death: September 5, 1973 Place of Birth: Southsea, England Location of Death: Cambridge, England Burial Location:  John Ferraby was a British Bahá’í and Hand of the Cause of God appointed by Shoghi

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Nathan Ward Fitz-Gerald

He organized public talks at a downtown auditorium at 3rd and Taylor in Portland and met with individuals. About 60 postcards were sent to the Baha'is in Chicago expressing interest in the Faith as

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Harold Collis Featherstone

In October 1957 he was appointed a Hand of the Cause of God by Shoghi Effendi. From 1957 Featherstone maintained an 18-member Auxiliary Board (nine for propagation, nine for protection), spread throughout the Pacific,

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