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Dr. Sulayman Berjis

Dr. Sulayman Berjis Born: 1897 Death: February 3, 1950 Place of Birth: Isfahan, Iran Location of Death: Sarvistan, Iran Burial Location: Gulestan Javid (Body Lost/Destroyed) His forefather, Hakim Ya’qub, the Shamsu’l-Hukama, was a well-known Jew of that city who

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Khadijih Begum

Her husband at a very young age masterfully read the Qur’an, wrote in the purest style and people often were amazed at his calligraphy for someone so young. As he was in his teens

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Abbas Behroozi

Abbas Behrooz started a Medical Clinic in the southern part of Tehran to help its underprivileged residents. Meanwhile, he joined a core group of medical professionals, organized by Dr. Farhangi, who regularly visited villages

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Dorothy Beecher Baker

She often said something to this effect: Nothing worth knowing is attained without labor, tremendous effort, and undivided attention. She always felt sure that she was to go forth to service and that her

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‘Abdu’lláh Baghdádí

He had lived by the flesh, now he lived by the spirit; he had walked in darkness, now he walked in light. He had been a slave to his senses, now he was a

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Thomas Breakwell

Thomas Breakwell's name will never be forgotten. His true gift to us lies in the sacred vision that he realized in his brief life. The brightness and purity of his faith will continue to

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Ustád Báqir and Ustád Aḥmad

For a time they stayed on in their own country, occupied with the remembrance of God, characterized by faith and knowledge, respected by friend and stranger alike, known to all for righteousness and trustworthiness,

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Louise Stapfer Bosch

She wrote countless letters and found joy in providing personally for the comfort of each student. The place was scrubbed to spotlessness as dust and Louise could never dwell in the same room. She

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Ella Martha Bailey

The prayerful decision was that it would be a pity for Ella Bailey to forego the opportunity of witnessing the dedication of the Temple which had gloriously risen on the spot she had seen

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