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Dr. Zíá Bagdádí

"At my birth, Baha'u'llah named me 'Zia' (Light) and gave me the Turkish title 'Effendi.' But on my first visit to Him, when He inquired about my health, I replied in Arabic 'Mabsoot' (I


Dr. Sulayman Berjis

Dr. Sulayman Berjis Born: 1897 Death: February 3, 1950 Place of Birth: Isfahan, Iran Location of Death: Sarvistan, Iran Burial Location: Gulestan Javid (Body Lost/Destroyed) His forefather, Hakim Ya’qub, the Shamsu’l-Hukama, was a well-known Jew of that city who


Ustád Ismá’íl

“Nothing is left me on this pathway. I have lost everything, including my bride. I have been able to give Him all I possessed.”