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Shamsu’d-Duhá D S


Shamsu’d-Duhá had become friends with the “Leaf of Paradise,” sister to Mullá Husayn, the Bábu’l-Báb. Through that lady she had met Táhirih, Qurratu’l-‘Ayn, and had begun to spend most of her time in


Theodore Durieux

At WWII, there were no known Baha'is in Belgium; but after the war, his name was given to the European Teaching committee. In early 1947, U.S. pioneer Melanie Humbert contacted him. In April, he


Ustád Nasru’lláh Raphael

While in his thirties, he became acquainted with a musician named Haji Khán who was in the entourage of the Governor of Isfahán and was a Bahá’i. Ustád Nasru’lláh was fond of music and